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Escape meetup

Are you a fan of escape game but you don’t have anyone to play with? Do you want to meet people around an innovative and fun concept? Good news! We have created escape meetup so that you can come and participate in an escape game session by yourself. We will then offer you the opportunity to join a mixed team, composed by us according to your affinities. After the session, we offer you the opportunity to chat with your new friends over a free aperitif. Then it’s up to you to play with your new team.


What the players say

It was a great experience! We had a lot of fun during and after the session and I made new friends!

Sarah Fostini

Very good experience that I will not hesitate to repeat in the other rooms! Special mention to Maxime.

Elise Gascon

An original experience. I love escape games and meeting new people has added spice. I have made great new contacts thanks to you.

Julien Pallois

Top activity to do to meet people. It really changes! The aperitif after the session was a real plus.

Rémi Fructis


How does it work?

1) Register

Register for the event using the form below and indicate your preferences.

2) Wait for our confirmation

Once we have drawn up the teams, we will send you session proposals by email. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best according to the date and the game partners we propose.

3) Reservation

Once you have made your choice, book the session you have chosen using the link in the email. Be quick, places are extremely limited for each session!

Are you interested?

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