Ready to take up the challenge?

60 minutes
Not one more...

Whichever adventure you choose, your team has 60 minutes to come to grips with the enigmas and mechanisms in the room.
Reservation only online. The price of the session depends on the number of players and the desired day/time. Please visit our booking platform to find out more.
Once you have made your reservation, you will receive all the information and advice you need to make the most of your escape game experience.
Reservation 100% online

How do I make a reservation?

Use the platform below

Any reservation with more than 3 hours notice is made online. For emergency bookings, please call us directly.

Choose one of our adventures

Choose which room you would like (at the moment only one room is available, others will open soon).

Choose the number of players and the session

Choose the niche of your choice and the number of players. The tariff per player and the overall tariff will then be displayed.

Confirm and pay the reservation

All you have to do is pay the amount of the session with your credit card (secure payment).