The lost relic

Escape room the lost relic

The brief

Your friend Professor Gordon, a famous English archaeologist living in the South of France has disappeared under strange circumstances. Just before his disappearance, he had time to send you an intriguing message.

You must go to his house with your team in order to decipher the clues he left you and find an object of the utmost importance .

The Atmosphere

You arrive in an antique living room, Agatha Christie atmosphere. Numerous secret hiding places and riddles that fit in perfectly with the background plot await you.

Success rate 50%
Record exit 35min
Average progress 90%
Average exit time 53min

Questions about the lost relic?

Is the room accessible to children?

Even if this room has not been created and thought for children, you can come with your children on a family outing. From the age of 8, they will gladly participate with you. The children generally have a very good time. Under the age of 8, this may interfere with your personal experience (you will have to watch them and therefore you will be less focused on your game), but it is up to you. Finally, be aware that the children are your responsibility inside the room. It is up to you to keep an eye on them so that they don’t hurt themselves, for example with a heavy object etc?

For groups with a majority of children (e.g. birthdays) we recommend a minimum age of 12/13 years and for children under 15 years 1 adult must be present in the room.

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Is the room accessible to wheelchair users?

Being located on the first floor of an old building, the lost relic room is not accessible to PRMs. We will soon be opening a second room which will be located on the ground floor and therefore accessible to PRMs.

Is the room scary?

No, not at all. This is an investigation room. You can come with your family without any problems, even with people with a heart condition 😉

Is the room accessible to claustrophobic people?

You will be “locked in” in a fairly spacious room, with large bay windows opening onto the outside. You will therefore not be confined and you can specify not to close the door when you make your reservation.

Escape room the lost relic