What is an escape game?

If you’re on this page, you’ve probably already heard about the escape game! It was elected “Activity of the year 2018”. If you are not yet completely familiar with this trendy hobby, this article is for you.

History of the ecape game: from virtual to reality

The escape game is a game concept that appeared in Japan and was originally a virtual game. The principle was that you find yourself in a virtual environment and you had to escape from it by clicking all over the screen. So it was a game of both determination and luck.

This new kind of video game evolved over time, and the first live escape game room was born in Japan. In France, it is in 2013 that we see it arriving and is translated as “life-size escape game“.

Today, escape games have become much more democratic. Thus, there are 841 stores throughout France with an average of 2 or 3 escape rooms.

The escape game: an original activity within everyone's reach

The escape game is above all an immersion game. riddles which will allow you to leave the room or just to claim victory, depending on the final objective of each room.

Each room has its own theme, atmosphere, decoration and also its level of difficulty, which can vary according to the escape rooms. So there will be something for everyone. Some rooms require more reflection than excavation and vice versa. Each room is ultimately unique.

That’s what makes escape game an activity that has seduced all the public… Indeed, you can go there with family, friends, colleagues and it is more and more frequent that companies use it for team building or recruitment.

So it’s up to you to find out, by reading the summaries, which escape game could correspond to you.

The course of an escape game session

Before the escape game session

When you arrive at the escape game, someone greets you, usually the gamemaster, and explains the context of the room (history), the rules andsafety instructions.

Then you enter a room you know nothing about and where you will most often be locked up. You find yourself immersed in the heart of history. This may be in a different era (America in the 1930s) or in a totally improbable place (an Inca temple or the lair of a serial killer).

So you can enjoy a complete change of scenery for an hour and say goodbye to all the daily worries. You will have to concentrate on your only objective: to get out of the room or solve the puzzle within the maximum time allowed to you (generally between 1h and 1h30).

As for the objective, it can be very varied: defusing a bomb, solving a murder investigation, finding an object, getting out of a prison…

During your escape game session

Inside the room you will have to mix digging, thinking, logic and teamwork. so you can get out of it. Often you will have a lot of things to do and won’t have time to wander around, even though it can be tempting to admire the decor 🙂

Many people ask: what happens if we are stuck? So don’t worry, everything is planned. The game master, although often outside the room, monitors everything that happens inside with the help of cameras. control screen.

During the session, he can use different systems to send you clues: microphone, tablet, walkie-talkie, mechanisms or he will enter the room himself, in disguise, to help you. Again, it depends on each room. In our lost relic room, for example, we use a tablet to distill clues to the player.

After your escape game session

Once the game is over, either you have solved the puzzle and are victorious, or you have failed and in these cases the game master will show you the rest of the puzzles and explain the logic you should have had. In both cases, a debrief is done at the end of the session to find out your positive and negative feelings and to give you precious advice for your next escape games. You will also take a souvenir photo for posterity.

Are you ready to book? Find a few tips to know before booking your first escape game session.

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